Buy & Sell almost anything in your school

Welcome to 9jaCT

what is 9jaCT ?

9jaCT is the Nigerian Campus Trade community. It is an avenue to enhance the buying selling and marketing of goods and services to students and inhabitants of the Nigerian Universities.

We also promote entreprenuers (E.O.T.W) to Nigerian university inhabitants at the cheapest price ever- FOR FREE ! .
Join us today- show what you've got. And save our environment from the litter of papers used as advertisment.

Our Aim

  • save time

    save time

  • money

    save money

  • people

    Build Network

  • trees

    save trees

Help Us Grow

In order to increase our data information,which you'll need to achieve your respective aims, please:

  • tell friends, families, teachers or any business owner about our services.
  • Check if your school is supported and suggest it if it is not
  • Got an idea for 9jact? Tell us !
  • have a press or interview request? Direct them to @mybuka
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