click this to repost a post to your platoon or to a group you hav created


Click on video when activated to view the youtube video attached to a post

comment and replies

make comments and start a discussion

Search And Platoon search

find anything in CORPERWE!!™ by just clicking on the find button

Use the platoon search to search for any platoon group

Group Creation

To reach more people with your posts , you would have to create a group.

to create a group, you would need :

  • Group name

    The unique Group name it would be refered to as in the CORPERWE!!™ platform.

    It should be between 4 to 15 characters long

    it should not contain any space or special character

    for example: iLoveFootball

  • Group Title

    A short description of the group, it would appear on every post.

    It should not be more than 40 characters long

    for example: All latest football hapennings

  • Privacy

    Make a group private or public

    A private group would only be seen by people who are members and people you invite

    A public group would be seen by all

  • Description

    These are keywords that describe your group ,they would be used to suggest it to the most relevant people to join.

    Should not be more than 30 characters long

    for example : car frsc calvary corperwe

Group Edition

Edit group information

You can change the privacy of the group

you can transfer the group to another user

Profile Update

Update your profile pictures , and other information such as your PPA etc


Build a large audience by making interesting posts


refer to other users using the "@" tag and they will be notified of the post

string together different posts with the "+" tag

Refer to a group with the "#" tag and the andministrator would be notified

For example : @corperwe +corperwe #corperwe