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EOTW presents....

Name: Angelina Jolie

Fashion Design And Tailoring

Location: O.A.U ife

Phone : 07052080971

Twitter : @jolie

One on One

Q : Tell us about your self and what you do

A : My name is Angelina jolie , i'm a student of O.A.U , studying biochemistry. My business line majors in fashion design an tailoring. i founded JOLIES FASHION

Q : What is your ambition

A : i aim to bring God given ideas to a reality by using talents in the fashion line . my main goal is to create and spark awareness that every body can be creative, you just have to look within your selves.

Q : What hurdles are you facing ?

A : the main hurdle is just the academic stress.

Q : Why will customers do ,stay , or repeat business with you ?

A : Thats simple, because of my uniqness

Q : What are your expectations ?

i wish to reach a wide range of customers , make them aware of my uniqness. and ofcourse patronise me

Q : Where do you currently operate

A : im majorly at the O.A.U campust at the moment